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SR & ED Tax Review

Identify & Qualify SR & ED Projects | Maximize SR & ED Refund Potential | Prepare All Required Documentation | Represent Client for SR & ED Audits | Consult Client For Future Projects | Provide SR & ED Record-Keeping Training

The Federal Government provides generous after-tax cost incentives to companies of all sizes that conduct defined research and development activities. Yet many companies do not even realize that they qualify for such incentives. Affinity Capital can help your firm understand the SR & ED program and evaluate your projects for SR & ED eligibility.

Affinity Capital has the expertise to thoroughly assess potential projects for a successful claim and provide a fully inclusive service to prepare, file, and represent clients during the CRA review process. Once the review process is successfully completed, we will assist you in setting up a project management process that will make sure that future SR & ED filings are seamless.

Affinity Capital is here to help. Book a complimentary obligation-free meeting today.

SR & ED Tax Review: Welcome
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