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Customs Duty Review

Tariff Classification | Tariff Treatment | Valuation for Duty | Duty Drawbacks | Compliance Review | Comprehensive Reports | Audit Defense & Appeals | Knowledge Transfer | Non-Disruptive & Timely Service

A non-intrusive approach to review all import documents to identify custom duty overpayments.

Customs, duties, and tariff issues can be very complex and are always changing. Affinity Capital provides professional expertise that maximizes the recovery of any overpayments resulting from tariff misclassification, re-export duty drawbacks, incorrect valuation of imported goods, and any related fees and costs.

With over 25 years of customs duty experience, Affinity Capital provides leading-edge management consulting with consistently proven results. Our unique approach has yielded significant results even over periods that have already been reviewed by competitors.

Customs Duty Review: Welcome
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