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Helping Clients Since 1991

Affinity Capital Management Inc. is independently owned firm,  so our financial planning advice is free from any bias. Our priority and fiduciary responsibility is to you, our client. 

Our financial advisory model maintains the utmost objectivity and with our client's best interest. We only get paid by you for our service.

The starting point is creating a fully integrated financial plan that addresses investment, insurance, tax, retirement and estate planning to create a foundation for securing and building wealth based on:


The  first exploratory meeting is about getting to know each other. This meeting is absolutely at no cost to you and there is no obligation.

After the first meeting, you can decide if Affinity Capital is the right fit for you. 


Your Current Situation

Step 1

  • Collect Your Information

  • Assess Your Current Situation

  • Investing & Risk Evaluation

  • Saving/Debt Management

  • Insurance & Mortgage Situation

Explore Your Goals & Needs

Step 2

  • Explore Financial & Personal Goals & Needs

  • Prioritize Your Goals & Needs

  • Emergency & Education Funding

  • Explore SRI Investment Options

Prepare Your Financial Plan

Step 3

  • Analyze your information

  • Develop a pathway for your goals/needs including 

  • Prepare an integrated financial plan including estate & insurance strategies

Present & Review Financial Plan With Client

Step 4

  • Present you with an initial financial plan

  • Review and change any areas as required and until you are fully satisfied

  • Sign off on the final version of the financial plan

Execute Your Financial Plan

Step 5

  • Provided by one of our professional portfolio management partners

  • KYC, account opening, investment selection & rebalancing

  • Tax & Portfolio optimization

Ongoing Review & Updating Of Your Financial Plan

Step 6

  • Most important step of all because the only constant in life is change

  • Continually monitor and hold timely meetings to review your financial plan

  • Life happens, so we will update your financial plan as changes occur


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P: (416) 333-8625

F: (416) 352-5198

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