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Our Fee Structure

Affinity Capital Management Inc. is a fee-based financial planning firm:

  • New Clients are charged a one-time fee to prepare a comprehensive financial plan as a starting point

  • Optional Ongoing monthly subscription fee is charged for ongoing financial planning and quarterly/bi-annual reviews or as life events happen. Full access to our "Your Personal CFO" services

  • Discounted asset management fees for subscription clients provided through our portfolio management partners

  • Other optional Services available at an additional fee:​

    • Hourly financial planning as needed

    • Personal Tax Preparation​​ (T1)

    • Corporate Tax Preparation (T2) for small businesses.

    • Bookkeeping for small businesses

    • Personal financial coaching

  • We may receive a sales commission on the sale of any insurance and mortgage products as applicable. These commissions are determined by the insurance carrier or mortgage provider.

To learn more, contact us for a complimentary introductory meeting:


"Price Is What You Pay. Value Is What You Receive" -Warren Buffet

The value of Financial Planning:

  • Only 18% Canadians feel they are very knowledgeable about financial matters.

  • 7/10 of Canadians don't have a comprehensive written financial plan.

  • 8/10 of Canadians don't feel highly confident they will achieve their financial goals without getting the right professional help.

  • Canadians who work with a CFP professional are 30% more likely to stay on target with their financial strategies

  • 32% Canadians feel more knowledgeable about financial matter after working with a CFP Professional.


Why Work With A Certified Financial Planner (CFP)?

Financial planners deal with one of the most personal and sensitive aspects of your life: personal financial security. Trust is at the heart of the financial planning relationship – trust in the planner’s competence and integrity. If you are relatively new to financial planning, you likely have questions about the process and about how you can make an informed decision concerning the selection of a financial planning professional best suited to your financial goals and objectives.