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Affinity Capital Management Inc. strives to support individuals, families, and small businesses in meeting their financial goals. Our team provides professional financial-advisory services, bringing a socially responsible perspective to retirement, insurance, tax planning and preparation, estates and wills, and investing. 

We believe that every individual has a unique relationship with their finances and that understanding a client’s history, current lifestyle, belief system, future goals, and desires is crucial in preparing an effective financial plan. YOU are the starting point, not your money.

At Affinity Capital, we encourage our clients to explore investment options that align their financial goals with their values and beliefs. Specifically, we promote an approach to investing that integrates sustainable growth opportunities with proven superior risk-adjusted returns while encouraging a positive ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) impact.

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Anup Ruparelia

Certified Financial Planner

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Anup is a Finance Professional with over 20 years of successful entrepreneurial experience, providing advice and due diligence for individual and corporate clients to increase profitability and ensure financial integrity. He is a tenacious problem solver with a reputation for sound judgment and prudent counsel, as well as the ability to develop and cultivate relationships, building on a reputation for credibility, a client-first approach, and attention to detail.

Anup believes in cultivating long-term client relationships with a genuine, honest, and professional approach being at the forefront of client interactions. His extensive experience in financial consulting over the past 25 years has substantially developed his ability to articulate his clients’ financial and lifestyle objectives.

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Our Kind Ecosystem Guarantee

Affinity Capital Management Inc. is proud to be the first feedOM sponsor partner in Canada.
Our firm supports feedOM™ in its mission to end child hunger, animal abuse, and deforestation worldwide by aligning our financial planning services with conscious consumerism. This includes advocating for fair trade, equal opportunity employment, and eco-friendly standards.
The services provided by Affinity Capital Management have been produced, traded, and marketed in accordance with the feedOM's social responsibility, environmentally conscious, and animal-friendly standards.

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