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Group RRSP & Financial Planning Program

Build Employee Loyalty
Personalized Financial Planning 
Easy On-Boarding
Lunch & Learn Sessions for Employees
24/7 Online Access

Affinity Capital specializes in group RRSP plans for small and medium-sized companies that include confidential one-on-one financial planning/counseling for plan member employees. 
Our professionals are dedicated to supporting and guiding employers and employees in addressing any financial issues that may be affecting their work, health, or life. 
We have the tools and resources to help your employees get back on track to a healthy and productive future.

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A Group RRSP Plan That Will Benefit you and your Employees

◦ No Up-Front Costs
◦ Quick & Easy Start Up & Enrollment
◦ Low Administration & Management Fees
◦ Instant Tax Reduction for Employees
◦ More Control Over Account & Investment Options
◦ Professional Management & Advisory Services
◦ Portability
◦ Income Splitting (Spousal Plans)
◦ Creditor Proof for Added Security
◦ Creates Goodwill with Employees

Financial Advisor

The Affinity Capital Assurance


We provide top-rated portfolio management, plan administration, and financial planning tools to ensure the best value-added service to our clients.


We provide all plan members with confidential, one-on-one financial planning and coaching services to help them stay on track. This service is provided at no extra cost to plan members.

On-Going Support

We keep plan members abreast of current financial and legislative changes relevant to their needs through webinars, lunch & learn seminars, e-newsletters, or one-on-one meetings as required.

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5 Easy Steps to Get Started

1. Pick your Plan
2. Quick & Easy Set-Up Paperwork
3. Introduce Plan to Employees
4. Enrol Employees on the Plan
5. Set Contribution Options

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