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Membership Pricing Plans

Start your Journey to Success

Four membership levels to suit your needs:

  • Level 1: Acclimatize

  • Level 2 : Base Camp

  • Level 3: Climb

  • Level 4: Summit

Your Money, Your Goals, Your Values


Level 1: Explore

MK Acclimatize.jpeg

Base Camp

Level 2: Ready to Forge Ahead

MK Base Camp.jpeg


Level 3: No Looking Back

MK Climb.jpeg

(btw that's me!)

Level 4: Touching the Sky


Our Kind Ecosystem Guarantee

Affinity Capital Management Inc. is proud to be the first feedOM sponsor partner in Canada.
Our firm supports feedOM™ in its mission to end child hunger, animal abuse, and deforestation worldwide by aligning our financial planning services with conscious consumerism. This includes advocating for fair trade, equal opportunity employment, and eco-friendly standards.
The services provided by Affinity Capital Management have been produced, traded, and marketed in accordance with the feedOM's social responsibility, environmentally conscious, and animal-friendly standards.

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